Pesticides Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters

Coromandel Fertilisers Ltd.
Mfg Of Fertilisers, Pesticides.

Pecopp Pest Control Services
Termicopp - Termite Control, Pecopp Spray - Control Of Crawling Insects, Rodent - Control Of Rats, Mice, Bandicoots, Bed Bugs Control, Woodbores Control, Mosquito & Weed Control, Multipurpose Plastic Sprayers.

Sulphur Mills Ltd.
Aricultural Pesticide Formulations

Karpan Technochem International
Herbal Bio Quit, Fulric Acid, Hi Charge Humi Amino Zyme Liquid, Humi Green Granules, Power Plus, Potassium Humate Shining Flakes, Silicon Powder, Natural Brassion loide, Organic Pesticides, Bio Pesticides, Herbal Plant Extract Immunizer, Super Humic Acid, Organic Pesticides & Growth Promoter Granules.
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